Jubiliee West offers various services to their clients. We have individual lessons and training packages. On this page, we are also listing horse shows expenses.

Rides and Lessons

  • Individual Training Ride — $45.00

  • Individual Lesson —- $80.00


Training Package $700.00/month

    Includes the following:

  • 2 Rides per week
  • 3 Lesson per week

Management and Training Package


    Includes the following:

  • Hay
  • Feeding
  • Electrolytes
  • Vitamins
  • Salt and mineral supplements
  • Hoof supplements.
  • Seven day a week stall muck, stored water, regular turnout, blanketing, daily curry, groom, hoof care,
  • 2 water buckets cleaned daily, manes pulled, show-trim, and worming.
  • Vaccinations, shots, worming and shoeing records kept.

Horse Show Expenses

  • Groom $50.00/day + Tip

  • Horse Show Day $65.00

  • Non-Show day $55.00

  • Set-up $35.00/day

  • Trainer and Groom Hotel and Stall Splits (per horse).